The Austin Visual Arts Association Presents North Austin’s Fine Art Gallery & Studios

With eight artists-in-residence and numerous sponsored exhibits and juried shows, the tenor of Austin Art Space is notably eclectic.

The gallery embodies a broad range of aesthetics, from traditional landscapes to avant-garde perspectives, from representational to contemporary. Virtually all mediums are represented: oils, pastels, watercolor, mixed media and photography.

The subtle and the bold. The intimate, intricate rendering and the expansive, illuminating declaration. There is always something interesting, something unexpected at Austin Art Space.

As working studios, creation is at the heart of Austin Art Space. At any given moment, artists are likely to be engaged in some part of the artistic process — painting, mixing, sketching, composing, sizing, scaling, inventing, deconstructing, reconstructing, imagining or interpreting. The energy is palpable.

The gallery space is equally as engaging. Clean lines and high ceilings. Room enough to step away from a painting to appreciate it at a different angle and scale. Natural light revealing the detail of a brush stroke. The ever-changing selection of hanging work creates its own, unique atmosphere.

Visit during regular gallery hours or drop by and take a chance one of the resident artists is working in the studio.