Sales at the space


Artwork by Brian Leonard

Artwork by Brian Leonard


More sales continue for local Austin artists at Austin Art Space. The AVAA Summer Show has already had a sale on opening night.

Too many sales to mention at the WEST Austin Studio Tour this year! Great Tour and many new collectors of Austin artworks.

Several works went home to knew owners in the LOVE Show. Congrats to Mare Kretschmare, Jammie Smith and Jorge Molina!

Congrats to Brian Leonard, Josh Henslee and Dwight Casey  for selling their beautiful works at the AVAA Fall Show. Guest artist Shou Ping Newcomb’s amazing “Wildflower Mix” also sold, as well as works by Marilyn Rea Nasky, who graciously donated a portion of her sales to the MISS Foundation nonprofit. Way to go artists!

Artwork by Beverly Deutsch

Artwork by Beverly Deutsch






Way to go Jan Knox for selling several artworks at the Capitol City Arts Opening, and congrats to Beverly Deutsch too. Her piece “Hannah” found a new home as well.

While we can’t list them all, here are a few other sales at the space throughout the year.

Congratulations to Nancy Osborn whose drawing sold in the Figurative Show and Owen Dodgen’s “Lemon Lady” in the “LOVE” Show. Artist Yolande McGann sold her beautiful artwork “Bird with Yellow Flower” in the “12BUY12” Exhibit on display through Jan. 11th. And, hats off to Peter Janecke for another sale of his intriguing photography at the Space. Christine Gilbert’s “Grackle” sold before the Dodgen_LemonLadyshow was hung.

Artist Debra Wilson’s amazing “Water Lily” was sold at the AVAA Exhibit at the Austin airport on display earlier this year. Way to go Debra!!! Keith Davis’ work also has  been sold during the exhibit. Interest continues to be generated by the selected works on display from the ABIA exhibit. For more information, please visit

Printmaker William Cauthern artwork “Congress” sold during our special exhibit “Process.” “Process” featured 10 extraordinary guest artists, each of whom explored the artistic process with innovative techniques. “Process” artists included Jack White, Sam Coronado (in memoriam), William Cauthern, Leslie Pierce, Orion Knox, Luis Abreux, Jan Middleton Roset, Cecilia Ling, April Sullivan and Revi Meicler.

Austin Art Space and AVAA artists

William Cauthern’s “Congress”