Resident Artist – Sonali Kukreja

DSC_0179- croppedSonali Kukreja is an Indian born and currently lives with her husband and works out of her home studio in Austin. As an artist she finds visual art a very powerful and personal mGratitudeeans of visual expression. It is her catharsis from the unpredictability of life, inspiring her to continue to see the beauty that surrounds and reminding her to make the rest of her life the best of her life.

Here is what Sonali had to say about her journey – “When I create paintings, and when I am surrounded by images that bring a sense of peace, that experience had such an impact on me that I was galvanized to bring such healing and serenity to others. “Your art evokes many feelings, it’s thought provoking”. I hear that all the time. I try to work towards one

Emotional Wavesgoal; that my art should not only look appealing or entertaining, but also inspire others. A drop of inspiration or encouragement can become a reservoir of confidence and creativity in one’s life. And that’s how “Serene Compositions” came to life.

Sonali is a free spirit in her art. Therefore, she doesn’t want to restrict herself to one genre. She wants to giveSocial-Harmony the art collectors as much variety as she can to choose from. Her work is an expression of the psychological and emotional interpretation of events.

Her paintings have been part of the exhibits in Austin, Dallas, California, New York and Paris, France. She has sold her paintings to private collectors in US, India and Canada. She also auctions her paintings at local fundraisers.

For more information, visit Sonali’s website