Resident Artist: Sharon Bibbee

Sharon BibbeeMeet our newest resident artist. Sharon Bibbee is an artist and jewelry designer and has been involved in the art world for over 25 years. Sharon is also a retired accountant with over 40 years in that career.

Sharon began her art career in oils and painting landscapes and seascapes. She moved on to painting portraits in oils and pastels. After retiring from her accounting career, she began working in acrylics and this medium she enjoys most.

Sharon takes several trips within the U.S. each year. While traveling, she takes several photographs of places that inspires her. Then back in her studio she will render a painting that somewhat represents the photograph. It is not important to do a painting exactly the same as the photograph but to render a likeness that makes her happy.

Experimenting with paints, mediums, gesso and other products is an interesting day in the studio. Also, some of the experiments have turned out quite well. An example of an experiment was to figure out how to use the left over paint. She has used vertical means to let the paint run and dry. Pulling the paint from the container to make a recognizable figure that can be incorporated into a painting.

In summary, Sharon is most happy working in her studio and frame shop. She enjoys the painting, framing, and displaying her art wherever she finds a venue for her work.

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Artist Statement:

Visual Arts, whether one is aware of it or not, saturates our society, giving depth, color, identity and meaning to our ideas to information and to ongoing communication. Visual Arts is stimulating. One piece of art can trigger a wide range of emotions in those who view it from outright joy and a sense of well-being and peace.

I am an artist because I enjoy the message and the energy that color creates in my life. I have been painting for several years and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

I have studied art with several well-known professional artists. I was so pleased to see the techniques used by other artists. By knowing and understanding color, value and composition has given me the ability to create a beautiful piece of art.

I work in oils, watercolors, pastels and acrylics. I enjoy working with each medium but I now work mostly in acrylics.

Life is good and art makes it better. Art, whatever the form, is a therapeutic method of expressing creativity. Through art, one can release ideas that otherwise might not be easily articulated in any other way.

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