News at the Space

Austin Art Space had to say goodbye/“adios” to long-time friend and resident artist Nikki Atkinson who is embarking on an exciting journey to San Miguel De Allende. She will be deeply missed but promises to keep in touch and let us know how she is doing on her artistic journey. We had a send-off party for her in July and wish her all the best as she follows her dream.

In other news, we welcome Scott Bauer as our new resident artist. Scott is a self-trained multi-media artist who brings a great enthusiasm and dynamic style to the group.

S'Zanne ReynoldsArt Space Artist S’Zanne Reynolds takes to the open road this month with her new truck/trailer and her faithful dog to find artistic inspiration all around her. As she hits the road, and we await her return, we welcome guest artists to share her space — Laura Grimes, wonderful AVAA life drawing coordinator and artist, and artist Sheri Deibert. Welcome artists and stay safe Zanne!