Artist in Residence: Marilyn Rea Nasky

Marilyn Rea Nasky“My goal as a painter is to create visual images that communicate the mystery and transient beauty of our planet. I rely on visual memory, dreams, and feelings for these images of landscape, and natural organic form which are often based in “reality” but are imaginary to the degree that I only seek to capture a feeling about the subject whether it is still life or landscape, and communicate it to the viewer. My work is representational to the degree that it is based on nature. I paint what I feel about what I see with color and texture as structural design elements. I often refer to my still life paintings as “Still Scapes” due to my natural inclination to include what I think of as earth elements into my work.

My current work in acrylics has opened new doors of exploration and expanse into abstraction based on organic and natural form. These abstractions are visual reflections of earth forms, ocean motifs, and organic still life and are intended as a visual comfort zone where the viewer can find solace in organic shape and form, as well as rich, contrasting hues, and tantalizing texture.

The paintings begin with a loose and spontaneous layer of gesso and progress with layers of acrylic paint, until the painting takes on a life of it’s own and I begin what I call “the conversation.” At this point, anything can happen, as I work towards resolution. Once the painting ”speaks to me” I stop working on it. If the work doesn’t speak to me, I put it away for a while, and work on other images. This process brings resolution.

Each painting is a reflection of my rich an varied life experience, my love of the natural world as well as an exploration of medium. As I work, design elements and principles, and abstraction of natural form often take on the appearance of landscape within the frame of still life. These images are a tie to my love of the Southwestern landscape in the Four Corners area where I grew up and continue to have my roots. My viewpoint is very personal, engaging the viewer on an intimate level with the subject, inviting the viewer to see the natural world that surrounds us with quiet beauty.” ~ Marilyn Rea Nasky