“Get Wired”

“Get Wired”– the “nuts and bolts” of presenting your work professionally


by AAS Resident Artist Marilyn Rea Nasky

So you have finished another master piece! Congratulations. Now it is time to attach a hanging wire to the back of the piece so that it hang be hung in a venue.

Whether on gallery wrap canvas, or in a frame here are 8 simple steps to getting wired.

1. Flip your piece of fabulous artwork over, place it facedown on a clean sheet of paper or other surface. This is a good time to label the piece with the title, medium, and your name. It is a good idea to write this directly on the frame or canvas since a label can fall off. You can use a crayon, or pencil but not a permanent marker, as it might seep through.

2. Using a ruler, mark the side of the canvas or board with a pencil, 1/3 of the way down on both sides. This will assure that your piece will hang flat against the wall.



 3. Using a Phillips head screw driver attach your wire fastener in the middle of the wood frame or at least ½” from the side of the frame, at the point where you measured and marked so that both sides of the wire are the same distance from the top of the frame.







4. Repeat this step on the other side of your substrate.

5. Attach your wire by putting the wire thru the loop and measuring about a thumb’s length extra so that you can wrap the wire properly with no jagged pieces sticking out. Be sure to check the “weight” of your wire. If your piece is heavy, choose a weight that will give your piece proper support.








6. Use needle nose pliers to wrap the wire and tuck in sharp pieces of wire. You can also tape the wrap if you are concerned.







7. Repeat this step on the other side. Your wire needs to have some “give” but don’t make it so long that it rises above your piece. The wire will stick out the top when hung if it is too long.







8.The photo below shows how the piece hangs flat to the wall if wired properly. You can also add a bit of professionalism to your masterpiece by finishing the sides of your piece.