Artist in Residence: Diane Sandlin

My work is informed by sights, sounds, nature, conversations, poetry, music, wise people, travel and culture in general – indirectly, all influences in some form, creep into my abstract paintings. I work intuitively, letting these elements bubble forth into the finished piece.  As the artist, I try to guide the process while letting it flow naturally as it often twists and turns in unexpected and productive ways.

A very physical process, paintings take time, attention, research and a willingness to risk and try new approaches.  Work on canvas and wood panels involve multiple layers of paint – sometimes 15 or more. Each one builds on the other so that there’s an imbedded history, adding to complexity and mystery. In addition to the expected brushes and palette knives, my tools include a hammer, screwdriver, scraper, dowel, pens, inks, charcoal and even a brick!

Ultimately, my goal is to create visual poems for the viewer – a subject to be studied first by the “loud conversation” from across the room where the piece first attracts attention and then to a “quiet conversation” full of nuance and detail for the closer view.


University of Texas at Austin, BA

Art Cloth Mastery Program, 2010-2012, Art Cloth Studios, San Antonio, Texas

Art2Life Creative Visionary Path Program, 2017 and 2018

Continuing education through Art2Life Academy

Mentoring with Pamela Caughey, contemporary artist, Hamilton, Montana

Contact Information: | | 512-627-0751