Artist in Residence: Beverly Ann Deutsch

Beverly Deutsch Adams

Texan, born on Galveston Island, living in Austin since 1978 with only a short 7-month stint in California around 2004. I find myself a seemingly, terminally confused world citizen looking for the next logical step on the way to centering. I’m taking photographs, drawing, painting… and sighing a lot, this too?, because the Yippee Yahoo! moments seem to be so often outnumbered by the What the F_ck? moments in life and these works are my process of refocusing, observation, and prayers. Everywhere, beautifully, intriguing images, distract me from fears… give strength… move me forward. An acquaintance has called it my personal form of Tai Chi.

I work mainly in oils on canvas or watercolor with pastel (plein air). Impressionistic, representations of nature, the human figure and abstract feelings imagery.

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