Ann Flemings

Ann Flemings | b. 1962 

Artist Statement

I am an artist who creates abstract art inspired by the natural world. I investigate how tone and color contribute to our experience of vaguely familiar
surroundings. I incorporate drawing elements to bring structure to the imagery, offering a comfortable platform for the viewer to engage with the piece.

About the Artist

California born, Pennsylvania raised, my maternal grandmother introduced me to painting at age 7.  I have a BFA in graphic design and an MA in Sociology/Community Counseling.  Raised in an Italian-Irish Catholic family, I was introduced to Eastern religious philosophies in my late twenties. This informed and developed my current world-view that the health of our world is built upon the health of our relationships. In 2011, I returned to my artistic roots and in 2015, after many years as a professional fundraiser in higher education, I began to paint full-time.

I am enchanted with the work of Edgar Degas, Edward Hopper and Egon Schiele, and inspired daily by artists Hannah Bureau, Brian Rutenberg, Edward Povey and the vibrant community of artists that call Austin home.

About the Work

From 2011 through 2013, I created heavily textured landscape imagery. In 2014, while my husband was struggling through poor health, my work evolved into a quilted-mosaic imagery characterized by woven bits of colorful rectangles and squares. In 2015, I created geometric color-field studies as I worked to bring order to my life.  I then received training in digital art media, which I used to transform the geometric paintings. In September 2015, I began renting a studio in east Austin where I expanded the size of my canvas and explored bigger uses of color, styles and imagery.  This included fracturing the image into pieces of colored light and weaving it into a cohesive whole. In 2016, I refreshed my foundational artistic skills and began a weekly life-drawing practice. This has contributed to the current Great Divide series of toned geometric shapes set across a deep divide. The imagery in these works was inspired in many ways by the divisive 2016 presidential campaign.

Many of my pieces have found a home with collections in Austin, San Francisco, Kansas City, Boston and Chicago. I am committed to a life making and celebrating art and I invite you to follow my work and exhibition schedule at and at Flemings Art on Facebook.

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