Artist in Residence: Beverly Ann Deutsch

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Beverly Deutsch AdamsI’m a Texan, born on Galveston Island, living in Austin since 1978. I find myself a terminally confused world citizen looking for the next logical step. I got my BFA from the University of Texas in Studio Arts, Painting & Photography. I worked for 10 years as a staff photographer at UT Harry Ransom Center,where working with the materials there, learning every day was an education unto itself.

I spent a bunch of years raising my child as a single working mom with little time for art, then remarried, worked odd jobs here and there, eventually becoming a mostly a stay at home wife who really wanted to pursue making art as a career and became a resident artist at Austin ArtSpace Gallery & Studio to that end.

Things were beginning to move along nicely when an unexpected divorce sent me for a loop. My ability to enter shows, travel and do creative work is somewhat impaired at this time as I’m back to working a day job as I paint, draw, take photos in any spare time and ponder what’s next.

I work with photography, oil on canvas and watercolor with pastel on paper. The plein air work is mostly watercolor/ pastel on paper. I continue making images inspired by soul comforting nature and the raw human emotions of being here now, in this place on the planet. The images are my gratitude, prayers, emotions and realizations as I move through this life.

It is my hope that my work will touch others in a meaningful way that inspires, delights and communicates the things that words do not. Enjoy!!!